At Corporate Services our vision is to provide cost-effective solutions to the animal feed, water treatment, agricultural, chemical and food-related industries.We are a South African company predominantly specializing in the development, manufacturing and supply of nutritional feed additives for Ruminant, Swine, Poultry and Aqua animal species. Above anything and everything, Corporate Services is committed to building partnerships with its clients to help build business for mutual benefits through cost savings, and we desire that all our clients businesses prosper. Our motto is to add value through cost effective, innovative, and dependable solutions. Customer service is a critical component of our business model. We are passionate about solving our clients challenges through product innovation, continuous process improvement, strategic sourcing, and cost reduction strategies. What we do best is to apply our experience, expertise, and knowledge of the industry to guide new products from conception through to delivery by our ability to respond to contemporary demands. We can together under an agreed framework create the opportunity for success.