In 2003, Corporate Services, a business based in Dundee KwaZulu-Natal South Africa, began developing and supplying a range of products to the South African agriculture, animal feed, chemical and food related industries. This was achieved by forming partnerships or collaborating with animal nutritionists, clients, farmers, veterinarians, business associates, scientists, and suppliers. We are a South African company specializing in the development, supply and manufacturing of nutritional feed additives for Ruminants, Swine, Poultry and Aqua animal species in the animal feed industry. Our involvement also extends to manufacturing, developing or supplying products or services to the chemical, water treatment, agricultural, food and beverage industries. Above anything and everything, Corporate Services is committed to building partnerships with its clients or business partners, to help build business for mutual benefits, and mutually desired outcomes. We keep the relationships with our clients and business partners at the heart of everything we do and take enormous pride in knowing that business growth is driven by referrals, accountability, transparency, honesty, trust, respect, reliability, timeliness, courtesy, selflessness, integrity, competence, quality, and a positive word of mouth. We are a values based organisation – VBO.

Our range of products that we manufacture or supply encompasses:  feed preservative, feed acidifiers, surfactants, concentrates, milk replacers,  feed additives, organic acid feed supplements, zootechnical feed supplements, and customized macro premixes

Corporate Services adheres to the following international standards of management systems: 

ISO 9000 (Quality Management System)

ISO 14000 (Environmental Management System)

OHSAS 18000 (Occupational Health and Safety Management System)

Customers benefit from our commitment to continuous improvement, in the areas of quality, safety and environment management. Although Corporate Services is not accredited under any of the above international standards it adheres to the principles embedded in them. SHEQ Management files are available on request. We have membership to the AFMA (Animal Feed Manufacturers Association), an organisation based in South Africa who are affiliated with the International Feed Industry Federation, and aims to be compliant with the AFMA Code. We control quality and keep records of all the formulated batches. From enquiry to delivery, we are committed to full traceability.

Corporate Services is flexible business. Key to our ethos is the close partnerships that we embrace with our clientele or business partners. We provide cost effective solutions by the implementation of effective cost containment programmes leading to the company achieving cost reductions of between 15 to 50%. Corporate Services adheres to the principle of fair trade with all its customers on the same rates and tariffs, rather than having a different price schedule per client. As a result, this enables prices quoted by Corporate Services to be based on the cost savings, transferring it altogether with minimum volume purchases. This enables, Corporate Services to provide an effective service to its entire clientele base and not just a selected few.

Corporate Services is also a co-packager/contract manufacturer for entities who subcontract us to manufacture products, develop, or supply innovative products under an agreed framework.  The  reason behind our name ‘Corporate Services’ is that we cooperate with corporate enterprises through strategic alliances. We have a dedicated facility enabling us to offer a full range of services including manufacturing, warehousing, storage, packing , labeling and distribution. We support customers or business partners through the entire process